Hi, My name is Don, and for over a decade I have been wearing a normal style hearing aid with a couple of devices to go along with it. Two great devices at the time. The better news is that recently(Jan 2020) I obtained two new hearing aids (part of the Widex Evoke Family) that have complete ear moulds and rechargeable batteries complete with a ZPower recharging system. To compliment the system I also have a small around the neck device called “Com-Dex” which transfers my cell phone incoming/outgoing calls directly into my hearing aids at the touch of a button, with back ground noise cut-out feature, making my incoming calls hands free. The last device I obtained was called “Widex TV Play”.

A small device connected to your TV audio output which plays back to your hearing aids even when the TV is muted for others comfort. All of what I have stated above has given me so much more hearing advantage that I highly recommend anyone with hearing loss to look into these aids for better hearing.


Got the new hearing aids to try this afternoon. Whoa! Lots of sound in my head. Everything was much louder and clearer – even my own voice (once the aids were adjusted so that there was no more echo). Maybe now I can be more aware of how loudly I am speaking. It was cool learning about all the new features, especially the music streaming and “live listen” features.

Today we had a staff potluck at lunch. Imagine a room with all hard surfaces, packed with teachers who are all talking at once. The noise was pretty amazing. But what was even more amazing was that I was able to easily follow the conversations nearest me without too much effort. This means that I had to pay attention, but I didn’t have to strain to follow. This made it much easier and more natural for me to participate. Even when someone added music to the melee, I could understand conversation in my immediate vicinity, just took a little more effort.


My 88-year-old mother has been going to Maria at the Calgary Audiology Clinic for over 10 years. Maria and her staff always treat my mother with care and respect. The hearing aids that my mother has been fitted with at the clinic have made such an improvement to her life.

She really was missing out on so much before. It originally took some convincing to get my mother to seek help with her hearing loss. I think she didn’t want to admit it was a problem. Now she cannot be without them and insists on having her old hearing aids in working order just in case her new ones have to be sent off for adjustments or repairs. Many thanks to Maria and her staff.

Ilene S. Calgary

For well over a decade, the Calgary Audiology Clinic Ltd has provided me with superb, professional, friendly and personal service. In the late nineties, a lifelong friend recommended that I contact the Calgary Audiology Clinic. He had conducted exhaustive research into this type of service and its availability in the Calgary area and had gone to them for his own hearing aids.

Based on my friend’s recommendation, I went to them and Maria fitted me with my first pair, the behind-the-ear type. I was impressed and pleased with how my hearing improved so quickly and the fact that I was able to wear them with ease. I could now hear the birds sing, could converse easily with all our grandchildren, could understand and follow the square dance caller. There was no further problems in hearing entertainers at shows or the minister in church.

I will not hesitate to recommend Calgary Audiology Clinic Ltd to anyone whom I think might benefit from a visit to assess their hearing needs.

Wayne Peddie Calgary

I have been a patient of Calgary Audiology Clinic for more than 18 years. I was one of Maria’s first patients.

I have had excellent attention regarding my hearing aids over all these years. Maria is always ready to see me. And I can say that sometimes I was expecting miracles and she always explained issues to me so that I can understand the problem.

I live in the South West of the city. There are several audiology clinics in my area. It would be so much easier for me to just walk across the street. This past winter, I had to cancel many appointments due to the weather. Maria and her two assistants never made me feel bad. I would not even consider going to another clinic.

I just got a new set of hearing aids this year. I am very pleased with her recommendation. The hearing aids are working very well for me.

Ann Solomon Calgary

The focus on the customer at Calgary Audiology Clinic is clearly evident. Maria is both knowledgeable and professional and it is obvious that her primary goal is to ensure that each client is fully satisfied. I highly recommend Calgary Audiology clinic.

Robert B. Canmore

Our son was diagnosed with cancer when he was 2 years old and lost his hearing due to chemotherapy. We have been going to Maria at the Calgary Audiology Clinic now for several years. He always had problems with earmolds fitting and Maria’s expertise has solved these issues. We couldn’t be happier with the service we receive from the clinic.

Ken & Jennifer L.

The Calgary Audiology Clinic Ltd, for the past ten years, has given me the ability to hear. Their knowledge, experience and expertise in the field of audiology is second to none. They care about you and listen to you.

Hearing loss is personal. We are fortunate in being able to have the care of the three ladies of the Calgary Audiology Clinic.

A. B. Robertson