Our clinic offers a wide range of audiological services and products to suit your individual needs and budget.


Complete audiological evaluations performed exclusively by the audiologist comprising:

  • Background history
  • Pure tone audiogram: graph depicting hearing sensitivity from low to high frequencies
  • Speech audiometry: speech understanding test
  • Acoustic immittance testing: pressure test for eardrum mobility and acoustic reflexes

Everyone should have a comprehensive hearing test by an audiologist to ensure good hearing health!


State-of the art-hearing aids available in entry level or advanced technology. New hearing aids are programmed in our office to fit your specific hearing loss. Tests performed to ensure optimal fit and satisfaction with your hearing aids include:

  • Real Ear Insertion or Aided Gain
  • Speech understand in the presence of multi-talker background noise
  • Additional fine tuning and customization if indicated

Minimum 30-day trial period Funding available for qualified applicants through AADL, WCB, DVA, and NIHB

Our hearing aids can now double as wireless headphones allowing them to connect to other audio sources directly or via streaming devices!


Communication accessories are available that can be used in conjunction with hearing aids or in addition to them. This allows the user enhanced, direct connectivity to external audio sources such as phones, tablets, TVs and more. FM systems and streamers used with remote mics connect wirelessly to hearing aids effectively reducing background noise – great for use in places like meetings, classrooms etc.

Apps are available that allow you to use your smart phone to control many features of your hearing aids!


In house repairs are performed when possible. Major repairs are sent to the manufacturer.

If your hearing aid is sent away for repair, loaner hearing aids are available for use in the interim.


Tinnitus, buzzing, ringing, or humming sounds in your ears with no external sound source, can be very disruptive for some people. Tinnitus is often associated with hearing loss and excessive noise exposure and its symptoms can therefore be alleviated with hearing aids and sound therapy.

We can fit hearing aids with a program that utilizes fractal tones for relaxation and to make the tinnitus less noticeable. These same hearing aids can also connect to any audio source such as phones, MP3 players, tablets, etc. allowing you to listen to your favourite music or sounds to relax!


Customer ear impressions are made for a variety of earmolds providing a secure fit for optimal sound enhancement or protection:

  • Swim plugs, Noise plugs, Musicians plugs, Sleep plugs
  • Wireless earbuds, Personal audio monitors, MP3 earbud molds


  • Complimentary, no obligation consultations by appointment.
  • Educational services provided to schools, care facilities, etc. by request.